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{{durung rampung|Dèrèng rampung}} Piyambakipun [[jv:w:Special:Diff/1554162|matur]] manawi panyuwunan hak menika dipunuculaken kémawon amargi kasèp nyuwun hakipun teng Méta-Wiki. Semanten ugi kula ngaturaken matur nuwun sanget dhumateng para sedhèrèk sedanten ingkang sampun maringi swanten teng kalih panyuwunan menika. [[Naraguna:Labdajiwa|Labdajiwa]] ([[Parembugan Naraguna:Labdajiwa|rembugan]]) 26 Maret 2021 04.00 (UTC)
== Global bot policy changes ==
<div class="plainlinks mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">
I apologize for sending a message in English. {{int:please-translate}}. According to [[:m:Bot_policy/Implementation#Where_it_is_policy|the list]], your wiki project is currently opted in to the [[:m:Bot_policy#Global_bots|global bot policy]]. As such, I want to let you know about some changes that were made after the [[:m:Requests for comment/Refine global bot policy|global RfC]] was closed.
*Global bots are now subject to a 2 week discussion, and it'll be publicized via a MassMessage list, available at [[:m:Bot policy/New global bot discussion|Bot policy/New global bot discussion]] on Meta. Please subscribe yourself or your wiki if you are interested in new global bots proposals.
*For a bot to be considered for approval, it must demonstrate it is welcomed in multiple projects, and a good way to do that is to have the bot flag on at least 5 wikis for a single task.
*The bot operator should make sure to adhere to the wiki's preference as related to the use of the bot flag (i.e., if a wiki doesn't want a bot to use the flag as it edits, that should be followed).
Thank you for your time.
Best regards,<br />
—'''''<span style="font-family:Candara">[[User:Tks4Fish|<span style="color:black">Thanks for the fish!</span>]] <sup>[[User Talk:Tks4Fish|<span style="color:blue">talk</span>]]•[[Special:Contribs/Tks4Fish|contribs]]</sup></span>''''' 6 April 2021 18.48 (UTC)
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